Friday, February 25, 2011

Kid-E-Cover product review

My son is 16 months old and into EVERYTHING!  He likes pulling out anything that's plugged in and he can take out some of the plastic covers that we've been using.  I can't follow him around the house all day so I was getting a little worried about him playing with the outlets.

I came across the Kid-E-Cover and was given the opportunity by the woman who makes them to try one out and give my opinion.  First of all I think it's fantastic!  Unlike other outlet covers that just plug the holes this one replaces the whole cover.  When the outlets are not in use there's an internal shutter that covers the holes and the tab to reveal the holes is much too stiff for little hands to do it.  It was very easy to install, just a matter of taking the old cover off and screwing the Kid-E-Cover on.  Children can't even see the holes so they tend to stay away from it.  We've only installed one right now and so far my son doesn't even go near that outlet anymore!  It looks great too, just like a regular cover that functions a little differently.

Right now the Kid-E-Cover is available at and  They are proudly made in the USA and I might just have to order some more to cover up our problem outlets especiall with baby #2 on the way.

 I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place as well as the manufacturer of this product.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swiss Chalet's Online Ordering

I recently had the experience with ordering a meal online with Swiss Chalet's online ordering system.  I live out of the delivery area so I chose to pick up my order as it's only a ten minute drive for me to the nearest Swiss Chalet.  For some reason I couldn't access a previous online account that I had created with them due to some error in the address.  I couldn't even login to fix the error.  Instead I made a new account with hubby's email address.  Because we're out of the delivery area the system would recognize our postal code so I ended up using a friend's address that lived closer to the Swiss Chalet.  My neighbourhood is 22 years old so I know it exists!

Once I had a usable account the ordering part was easy!  There's pictures of all the meal options and you just click on what you want.  On another page you can choose all the side dishes and such you would like in your order.  I ended up ordering the family pack dinner for 4 and 4 slices of apple pie for dessert.  I chose 4 different sides including mashed potatoes and grave, spicy fries, regular fries and poutine so my family could pick and choose what they like or share.  I put in the order 2 days in advance for a specific pick-up time.  After putting in the order they called me right away and confirmed which I thought was great service!

When I got to the restaurant to pick up the order is was ready right on time and I presented a printout of the e-gift card to pay and it couldn't have been easier.  I thought the size of the chicken was small for 4 people though it worked for us since one of us is a toddler but this would not be enough for 4 men.  The sides were enough and the apple pie slices were generous.  We didn't find the food very warm so I'm not sure how long it was sitting before I picked it up.  The food was good though!   Overall I thought the whole experience was an easy way to enjoy a family meal and I would do it again.  When you have a toddler sometimes it's easier to do takeout rather than sit down in a restaurant.

EverythingMom will be having an online chat here talking about family meals and family time.  Everyone participating will be eligible to win a $50 Swiss Chalet e-gift card!

"As part of a Mom Influencer program with EverythingMom, I was offered a $50 eGift Card from Swiss Chalet in order to experience their online order system and share my dining experience with you.'

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Health Check's Mealtime Makeover and The Heart Truth Campaign

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for women in Canada but it's something we can work on.  Healthy eating is one of the most important things women can do to improve their overall health including having a healthy heart.  Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult.  It's just a matter of making changes in the diet and replacing food with healthier options.  By eating healthy women can reduce their risk of heart disease by 80%!

The Heart Truth Campaign put on by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Cananda and the Health Check programs is having a contest where Canadians can submit recipes for a "Meal Time Makeover"  and be entered to win a trip to the Heart Truth Fashion Show in Toronto.  The prize includes the trip, a nutrition makeover, a grocery store tour and much more.  If you don't want to enter, the website is full of valuable information and has many tips and recipes for healthy eating.

For myself I have started following a healthier diet because of my son.  He's almost 16 months old now and wants everything that I am eating so if I eat healthy he will too.  It doesn't make sense for me to eat french fries while he's eating fresh vegetables!  I'm also pregnant so the baby will also benefit from my better eating habits and the other health benefits are just bonuses for me!  I found that it doesn't take long for the body to stop craving junk foods but I do still indulge every now and then.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doritos Write The End Contest and Review

Doritos has a contest going on now called Write The End.  What they did was come up with two flavours of chips, flavour A which is Onion Rings N' Ketchup and flavour B which is Buffalo Wings N' Ranch.  It's up to consumers to try both flavours then go to the website and write the last 20 seconds of the commercial clip that's there which results in one flavour being destroyed.  The person who comes up with the winning commercial will win $25,000 and 1% of future sales of the flavour that doesn't get destroyed as well as the opportunity to become part of the Doritos 2011 brand team!  In the end only one flavour will end up on store shelves.

I got the opportunity to try both flavours which I was more than happy to do as I love most flavours of Doritos.  I loved the Onion Rings N' Ketchup flavour.  Some ketchup chips have too much ketchup flavour but with these Doritos the ketchup flavour is nicely balanced by the onion ring flavour.  I didn't like the Buffalo Wings N' Ranch right from the first chip I tried.  They had too much buffalo wing flavour and not enough ranch to balance it out.  I didn't really like the way they smelled either.  I even came up with my own ending which can be found here.

Doritos is one of the brands made by PepsiCo Foods Canada.  They are Canada's favourite brand of flavoured tortilla chips.  Follow Doritos Canada on facebook, and twitter for the latest news, updates and contests.

I have been given the opportunity for one of my readers to win the prize pack from Doritos pictured above worth $150!  Contest is open to Canadians only and ends on Feb 28th.  For main entry comment with which of the new flavours you'd like to try.  

For addition entries:

1.  vote for my ending here and comment that you did.
2.  follow me with GFC and comment that you did
3.  follow Doritos Canada on facebook and comment that you did 

I have been approached by Fleishman-Hillard Canada to participate in an online campaign involving Doritos.   This post is my own personal thoughts and ideas and do not represent those of the named brand.  I was given a bag of each flavour in order to do this post.    

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year and Maltesers

I've always been a little bit fascinated with the whole Chinese New Year and Chinese calendar and reading about how the year you were born (on Chinese calendar) is assigned an animal and what that might mean for personality traits.  I don't believe everything I read but it's interesting.  I also used the Chinese calendar to correctly predict the gender of both my children.  My first is a boy and the second I'm still pregnant with and not revealing the gender here but I"ll say the Chinese calendar is correct!

This year the Chinese New Year begins on Feb 3rd and runs for 15 days with different things to be done on each day.  See here for more information.  Maltesers has become an important brand in association with this holiday.  Some say it's because the malted milk centre of the chocolate is enjoyed in Chinese culture and others say it's the bright red packaging.  Red means fortune and joy in the Chinese culture.

Maltesers have been produced since 1936 and are a delight for all ages.  I was sent some to try and they only lasted for 2 days!  Even the 1 year old loved them.  They're sweet, chocolatey and melt in your mouth delicious!  Maltesers are available in 37g, 100g and 165g packages at most major retailers across Canada including grocery stores and convenience stores.  Buy some to share with your friends and family to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Review of Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn With Me Potty Chair

Originally submitted at CSN Stores


  • Sesame street 1-2-3 Learn with me potty chair
  • High five Elmo's hand to hear 10 phrases each in English, Spanish and French
  • Potty training chair with a removable seat that fits most adult toilets
  • Easily converts to a step stool...

Seems like a great product!

By Mommy to 1 and 1 on the way! from Surrey, BC on 2/8/2011


5out of 5

I say seems because my son is too young to potty train but he loves playing with the seat. The seat can be taken off and put on a regular toilet and the rest turns into a step stool so this product is useful for a long time. Elmo says a bunch of different phrases which my son loves. The seat has a cup to prevent spray for boys that can be removed. I received credit at CSN Stores which enabled I used towards buying this product in order to do this review.