Friday, September 24, 2010

Fogless Shower Mirror Review and Giveaway! - ended

My husband has been looking for a mirror to use for shaving in the shower for a long time so when I was presented with the opportunity to try a fogless mirror I was delighted.

The mirror is by ToiletTree products and is only available in the US right now.  It came quite quickly and my husband installed it right away.  It was really easy to install and included everything a person would need to do it.  The product measures 6.5 in x 8.5 in x 1.5 in and weighs less than 1 pound..   The mirror has an adjustable angle so anybody in the shower can use it.  Men can use it for shaving and women can use it for tweezing or makeup removal.  All you have to do once the product is installed is fill the reservoir with hot water and it's ready to go guaranteed never to fog up.  It includes a squeegie attached to the bottom to remove any drips on the mirror.  The small ledge on the bottom can be used to hold a razor, sponge or tweezers for convenience.  Here is the link to see the mirror and how it works.

My husband thought it definitely lived up to his expectations and after everyday use has never fogged up.  He only has to get used to shaving in front of a much smaller mirror but it's definitely a lot more convenient.  I think it's great for plucking my eyebrows while in the shower.  This mirror would definitely make a great gift for dad!  ToiletTree products offers a 30 day, no risk, unconditional money-back guarantee on the mirrors.  Their products are sold through which only ships in the US but for you Canadian readers did you know that you can use companies like Ship Happens that will give you a US address to use and will hold your package for you for pick-up!  You can save on shipping and buy stuff from the US that won't ship to Canada!  Sorry my giveaway is US only though!

Now for a giveaway!  ToiletTree products is graciously offering one of my US readers a chance to win one of these fogless mirrors!  For the main entry visit their website and tell me why you'd like to win one.  Giveaway is US only and ends on Oct 5th.

For extra entries:

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stride Underwear Review and Giveaway - Closed

When I was offered the opportunity to try out STRIDE underwear I was glad to do so.  Being a mom I experience the occasional bladder leakage in situations such as coughing, jumping and laughing so I end up wearing a pantiliner most days.  STRIDE underwear has a built in pantiliner made with OQUOS technology built right in so no extra pantiner required.  Sounded like a good fit for me!

Wendy Spencer (founder and president of STRIDE) was an active woman that after having her baby was experiencing more bladder leakage.  Being a marathon runner she needed extra protection when exercising.  She was tired of wasting pantiliners everyday so during a trip to Korea she discovered the technology that inspired her to make STRIDE underwear.

STRIDE underwear comes in 5 different styles that are machine washable and can be worn under anything.  The built in liner is good for 100 washes.  There's a super absorbent material build right into the liner of the panty that keeps you dry all day.

When I received my STRIDE underwear I decided to try it out right away.  They were very comfortable and didn't ride up at all and they didn't look much different than regular underwear.  The built in liner didn't add any extra bulk to the underwear and no more annoying pad sticking to where it shouldn't!  I was having a bit of a leaky day but by the end of the day I still felt really dry and so did the underwear.  I loved not having to use a separate liner.

STRIDE underwear is currently offered in the US in certain stores or on-line at . They are graciously offering my readers 20% off until Nov 30/2010 using the code STRIDE971 at checkout.

They are providing one lucky reader with a pair of STRIDE underwear in any style and size from their website !  To enter I'll make it easy, just leave me a comment with your email address.  I don't need to know why you need these underwear!  For an extra entry follow with GFC.  Contest closes Sept 24th !  Open to Canada and the US!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Winner Of Blogfest 2010!

So I'll get to the winner of my first contest ever in a minute.

I entered my dear sweet son in the Fisher Price Best Little Laugh contest and it's a voting one so I'm asking for anyone's help for my son to win.  First place wins $2500 in fisher price toys and 2-56th place still get video cameras.  Here's his entry

You can vote for him daily until Dec 31st.  Thanks for all your help.  I love making videos of my son and the digital camera I currently use isn't great.  Of course all the toys would be wonderful too.  It's an easy vote if you have a facebook account.

Now.....back to business.  I plugged the numbers into and the winning comment is #155, Tiffany from .  Congrats to her!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogfest 2010!! My First Giveaway Ever!! - ended!

So it's Blogfest time and I'm having my very first giveaway and it's exciting!  More details can be found here .

There are over 200 blogs participating in this 72 hour tour so there are many prizes to be had!  This is the website you can use to track your entries.  Your email address is solely used here to track your entries and as a contact if you win the MASSIVE giveaway!  That's right, every blog you track with this tracking site gives you one entry in the big giveaway.

Now onto my giveaway.  The prize is a book called "Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions." by Blyth Lipman.  To win you must leave a comment below why you want to win.  Leave a comment for each extra entry that you do.

For extra entries:

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Contest is open to Canada and the US and closes midnight Sept 12th.  To "hop" to the next blog go to

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Electrolux "Rumpled to Runway" Fashion Show

Electrolux and Kelly Ripa (the brand ambassador) are partnering with bloggers to host a fashion show to raise awareness and funds to support ovarian cancer research.  September is ovarian cancer awareness month and this exciting fashion show will demonstrate how any garment can be taken from "rumpled to runway".  You're invited to watch in person or cheer on the event at

As part of the Electrolux program I have been entered to win a gift for this post.  Thanks to Electrolux and MomSelect.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Well I can't believe it's almost been a year and I have to leave my little boy next week and go back to work.  He'll be home with dad then when I come home from work dad goes to work so in other words we don't need to pay for daycare and my husband and I will never see each other!  Thankfully I only work part time but of course my new business will take up some of my time after work but only as much as I allow.  I don't quite know how I feel about this.  I'm excited, nervous, scared and sad all at the same time.  I have no idea how my son will react after being with me everyday since he was born.

My son the day he was born! 

I also wanted to add that I have some upcoming reviews and giveaways that I'm excited about!  I

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a Kidsmart Rep!!

I have my own website  feel free to check it out.  Kidsmart carries award winning products and all are safe for children.  They like to support mom-preneurs and have a variety of Canadian made products.