Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shake The Crave Product Review

I was recently sent a sample of Shake the Crave vanilla shake mix and chocolate shake mix to try.  Shake the crave is like a meal replacement shake that is specially formulated using only 100% pure ingredients that help you to feel full longer and boost energy levels helping with weight loss.  You won't find anything artificial in this mix!  

These shakes are supposed to be blended with milk then other ingredients such as fruits and veggies can be added as you wish.  They can be eaten instead of a snack or a meal.  I mixed the chocolate one with frozen raspberries and milk and it was delicious like a thick chocolate shake that was sweet enough to make me think I was being really indulgent yet I'm having something healthy.  The vanilla one I had with banana and milk and you can taste the real vanilla bean flavour.  Although I did enjoy both I do prefer the chocolate one.

Based on flavour alone this shake is delicious.  I am part of a ninety day testing opportunity with these shakes meaning I'm having them two times a day as directed along with an exercise program so stay tuned for my results from putting this product to the test! 

I was provided this product for review purposes free of charge from Trusted Health Products and all opinions on this blog are my own.