Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

This week I did not do a big shopping trip.  We are well stocked so it was mostly 2 small trips to get milk and fruits and veggies.  So I don't have much of a meal plan I'm following either but I didn't make everything on the plan last week either so will carry those over and just wing it the other nights.  We always have stuff in the freezer such as chicken nuggets and tortellini that can be made in a pinch if we have been too busy.

For this week I'm thinking:

1.  Pasta and sauce - just macaroni with ground beef, jarred sauce and some veggies thrown in.  I'm trying to lose weight so I have mine with zoodles which are zucchini julienned and omg these are so good!
2.  Tuna casserole - cream soup, noodles, veggies - whatever I have on hand
3.  Butter chicken - not the real thing but we like it - with fresh corn on the cob and green beans
4.  Chicken tortilla soup - haven't made this yet but it sounds delicious
5.  Creamy cauliflower sauce with pasta - another OMG so good!  An awesome healthy alfredo substitute.

Not sure about you but I'm looking forward to fall and comfort foods, Soups, stews, chilis, casseroles and Thanksgiving!!  Anything with pumpkin is good too!