Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Are We Doing??

Taylor had an appointment today with a neurologist basically to meet and do some basic tests and family history and Taylor's history then send us for more blood tests (for genetic testing) and make sure where on the right track with tests and such.  No concerns from me as Taylor is showing improvement, though very slowly, it's still improvement!  She rolls around then uses her hands to push her body backwards on the floor where she gets stuck in different places as you can see!  She's very wriggly and roly poly which makes diaper changing really interesting but it means she's getting her exercise.  We still have an appointment with a physiotherapist in a month to assess her physical development and give me an exercise plan but as you can see she's a happy little girl!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

1.  Garden Bounty Beef (slow cooker) -  easy and good
2.  Beef Creole (slow cooker) - from a cookbook and I can't find it online and I haven't ever made it yet!
3.  Creamy Chicken Enchiladas - easy and everyone likes it
4.  pasta with previously frozen sauce
5.  Chunky Chicken in Dijon Cheddar Sauce with Scalloped potatoes - a very cheesy meal :)

Some of my recipes aren't as diet friendly as I"d like them to be but right now I look for ones that are family friendly, quick and easy then make them as healthy as I can and add extra veggies where I can.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A day late because I shopped today instead of monday!  For this week:

1.  Broccoli quinoa casserole - been on the plan for 3 weeks now but haven't had a chance to make it yet
2.  Thai Chicken Pasta - never had it yet
3.  Lemon Broccoli Chicken - haven't had this in a while but it's quick and easy and can't find the recipe!
4.  Baked Macaroni - a family favourite!!

If I weren't so lazy I'd have lunch plans here too but honestly we usually have leftovers most days or I eat soup and feed the kid a PB&J sandwich because he won't eat most soups.  As for breakfast I eat cereal everyday and my toddler has a choice from cereal, toast, oatmeal or waffles.  I don't have the time to make 3 sqaure meals a day and don't care to either!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

1.  Broccoli quinoa casserole - didn't get a chance to make it last week
2.  Tuna casserole - can't find the recipe online but I use the low fat cream soup to make it quick easy
3.  Chocolate zucchini  bread - for breakfast and snack  
4.  Roasted chickpeas - for snack
5.  Turkey shepard's pie - to use up some leftover turkey in the freezer
6.  Breakfast for dinner - who doesn't love this?  Turkey bacon, eggs and pan fried potatoes
7.  Chicken taco casserole - couldn't find it online, Found it!!
8.  Sweet n sour pineapple chicken - I couldn't find the exact one I use

Looks like it's casserole week in my house!  I might not get all this made but that's the plan.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

3.  Mac n Cheese for the kids - no recipes, just a basic cheese sauce with a roux and pasta
4.  Creamy Lemon Cheddar Chicken and Pasta - I will try and find the recipe later
5.  Stirfry - I don't really follow a recipe.  I just put meat and veggies together with some kind of sauce.
6.  Porcupine Meatball Stew - I've looked and looked and can't find it online.

I'm trying to make more interesting meals for my toddler for lunch rather than boring leftovers or PB&J all the time so I"m buying a mini muffin pan so I can make mini muffin type stuff for him.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taylor's Follow Up Appointment

While the little one is napping and the other one is out playing with dad I have a chance to update on Taylor again.  We had the follow up appointment with the paediatrician last week.  Even though there's been some progress both the doc and I agree that there's still something wrong.  The doctor says her muscle weakness appears to be in her shoulders and back of her neck.  All of the initial tests came back normal though Taylor does have a cyst on her brain.  I put all my trust in the paediatrician and she didn't show any concern about the cyst so I'm not going to worry about it later.  Upon doing research seems they're quite common and harmless.  So we still have to find out what's causing the hypotonia so we're being referred to a neurologist and she has to go for a CT scan.  Scary sounding stuff to any mom including be but in spending all my time with Taylor I think she's doing great in spite of everything.  She's sitting for longer periods of time and rolling all over the place.  She's also just started pushing fully up on her arms when on her tummy which is great!  The doc also put in her own referral to infant development for us which holds more weight than my referral and hopefully we can get in sooner and she can be properly assessed by a physiotherapist.  So, now we just sit back and wait again for more phone calls and appointments.

Winner of La CremeCheese Prize Pack!!

The winner using was GloGirl!!  She has already responded to my email and info has been sent to the sponsors!  Congratulations again!!

Next week I promise to get back to posting my meal plans!  The last 2 weeks had some that we didn't like at all and I've been quite busy with the little ones.