Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I Have A New Business

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Kidsmart is a canadian owned and operated company and I'll be selling their award winning products.  Many of the products are made by moms and is stuff you won't be able to find in stores.  The products are also of course safe for our children.  I'll be getting my own website soon and will be updating with the address so I'll be able to easily take web orders from people that aren't in my area and the product can be shipped directly to you.

Please support me in this exciting new venture!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Johnson's Natural Baby Lotion Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Johnson's natural baby lotion thanks to Mom Central.  I was sent a 266ml bottle of product.  Right from the start I loved that it was a pump bottle so easy to use with one hand and a less likely chance that I'll use too much.  If you're travelling then a small turn of the pump locks it in place so you can throw it into a diaper bag and not worry about getting lotion on everything.

The lotion is 99% natural and made to moisturize a baby's skin for 24 hours.  It's mild and gentle enough to use on newborns.  It's made with an ALLERFREE fragrance which I thought smelled really nice.  I used some on my hands and could still smell it a couple hours later.  The odour is light and fresh.  I found the lotion to be easy to apply and doesn't have that greasy feeling the other lotions have.  I've been using it all over my son's body after every bath and his skin is always soft.

Thanks Mom Central for the opportunity to test another wonderful product!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Staying Cool When Summer Heats Up

These past few days have been really hot and one thing I've learned this summer is my son doesn't like the heat.  We had to buy him an A/C for his room during the last heat wave as it would take him 2hours+ to settle for the night.  I tried taking him for a walk on one of the hot days and he was crying after half an hour.  He's getting teeth too so hard to say what was the cause and he also seems to be showing the signs of separation anxiety.  He was ready to cry this morning when his dad left for work!

I'd like to know how people are coping with their little ones during the heat waves?  Apart from some essential shopping and a little trip to the mall to escape the heat, we really didn't stray too far from the A/C in our dining room.  Not much fun for a little boy I suppose but what else can I do when it gets too hot?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A+D Diaper Rash Ointment and Rash Cream Review

I had the opportunity through Mom Central Canada to try out A+D diaper rash ointment and rash cream.  They sent me a 113g tube of each to try.  They also sent me some coupons and information to hand out to other moms.  The diaper ointment is for everyday use to protect against wetness and diaper rash and the rash cream is for use when some rash is present as a treatment.  Both products are enriched with vitamins A & D.

The day I received the product it turns out my son had a little redness in the middle of his bottom and in one of the skinfolds in the groin area.  I applied the rash cream and no joke, the rash was gone at the next diaper change!!  He's had these same minor rashes before and this is the first product I've used that cleared it up so fast.  I like how the cream is not too thick or thin so it's really easy to apply.  It is also lightly scented and not too overpowering.

With the next diaper change and the rash gone I proceeded to use the ointment.  It kind resembles vasoline in color but definitely not as thick.  It was also easy to apply and thankfully not greasy.  It does smell like a medicine though so I would probably like it more if it smelled better.

I loved how both products came in tubes with a flip top so they're easy to open with one hand.  You do have to be careful to not squeeze the tube of cream too hard.  I made that mistake the first time and too much came out.  I suppose it's because I'm used to using jars of product.  I also really liked how easily the product came off of my hands after applying.  Some rash creams I've used are really greasy or really sticky so it's difficult to wash off your hands but a quick wipe got both the cream and the ointment off.

Thanks Mom Central for the opportunity to try such a wonderful product.

For more information go to http://www.aplusd.ca/en/

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tommee Tippee Product Review

I was happy when Tommee Tippee contacted me and said I was chosen to review one of their Explora drinking cups. It was perfect because my son is still learning how to use a sippy cup and has been practising on many different types and brands for the last 3.5 months. I still had yet to come across one that wouldn't leak all over the place when he tipped it upside down and shook it around.

I was sent these ones. They come in a 2 pack and are brightly coloured with trucks and planes. Perfect for a little boy!
I washed one in hot soapy water then filled it with water and a little apple juice and we went out shopping. These cups are branded for 24+ months and my son is only 9 months but he figured out really quickly how to use it! I find that he won't use sippy cups that have a long spout, he'll just chew on them and he can use ones that have a straw but he ends up drinking too much and having it spill out of his mouth. The Tommee Tippee cup was perfect! There was no mess on his carseat and on himself.

The big test came later at dinner time. He took that cup and banged it on his highchair and shook it upside down trying to get the liquid out. Usually after dinner he needs to be changed and his chair washed as he gets juice/water all over the place but not that night! The juice/water stayed in the cup where it belonged and he took little sips as he wanted. I would recommend Tommee Tippee explora cups to anyone with little ones.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travelling With Baby In Tow

Travelling with my son now is a lot harder than it used to be a few short months ago. He eats 3 meals a day plus snacks and formula so I have to make sure I have enough of everything. He's crawling and pulling up so I need to make sure he's got somewhere safe to sleep and that where we're going is safe. He needs enough toys to be entertained and the list goes on and on. This past weekend we took a little trip to a relatives place that involved about 2.5 hours in the van and a 2 hour ferry ride. It can be tricky when you're trying to fit in naps and meals on the go. We were thankfully only gone for 2 nights as my sons schedule was badly interrupted. The room we slept in was hot at night and had no dark curtains. My son has an air conditioner at home and black curtains. He usually settles for bed around 6:30 but while we were gone he didn't settle until after 9 but of course he was still up at his usual time of 6am. You really have to drag around a LOT of stuff with a baby. Even though we had fun I'm glad to be home and back into a normal routine and I'm sure he is too. Any other tips out there to make travelling with baby easier??