Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby's First Year - #NatrelBaboo

Babies go through a lot of growth and development that first year of life and it's amazing watching them grow from a helpless tiny being to a rambunctious running toddler!  The first time they hold their head up, smile, laugh, roll over, eat solids, sit up, crawl all happen within that short period of time.  I've been blessed to go through this twice now.

Taylor was diagnosed with mild hypotonia at 5 months old when I noticed at 4 months that she wasn't holding her head up well and putting zero weight on her legs.  Her first year of life was full of blood tests, ultrasound, MRI and physiotherapy.  She met the usual milestones but just later than other babies and it made it that much more exciting when she did meet them!  I remember the first time she finally got herself into sitting position and then at 10.5 months started crawling which was a big one.  She spoke her first word around 7-8 months then by 13 months or so had about a 45 word vocabulary which is ahead for that age.  We made it through somehow and now at 16 months she's running and fully caught up!

We had difficulty breastfeeding so after months of pumping she ended up on formula (and boy she did not like that transition!)  then at around 12.5 months old I transitioned her to whole milk which she will drink but doesn't have the same love for it as her brother.  Natrel Baboo is a product designed to help with this transition from breastfeeding or formula to whole milk.  It's easier to digest, made from fresh milk and it an excellent source of vitamins.  Also it can be stored at room temperature which is great for moms on the go and toddlers who aren't used to cold milk yet.

Even though Taylor will drink whole milk I offered her a small carton of Natrel Baboo and she happily downed the whole thing, something she doesn't usually do with her regular milk!  So according to her it tastes great and I love that I can toss a box into my diaper bag and not worry about keeping it chilled.

Right now Natrel Baboo is giving away 50,000 free product coupons for you to try the product for yourself. Just visit their facebook page here and hurry up while supplies last!

Disclosure - I am participating in the Baboo Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada of behalf of Natrel.  I received compensation as thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.  The opinions on this blog are my own.