Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taylor's First Two Years!

There's a lot of milestones and changes the first two years as baby goes from helpless newborn to rambunctious toddler!  I love that I've been able to capture most if not all in pictures and on video to show her when she's older.  The following are some of my favourite moments and milestones:

Here she is a few minutes old after a fairly quick and easy delivery.

Pushing her upper body up on her elbows at 5 months old.  She had some gross motor delays due to hypotonia (muscle weakness) that a cause was never found for.

First foods at just after 6 months old.  She wouldn't eat baby cereals so we went right into avocado and it still took her another month or so before she took to eating solids.  I also discovered that she liked to feed herself so we did some baby led weaning.

7 months old and sitting on her own!  She toppled a lot though in the beginning so we kept her surrounded in pillows.  She couldn't get to this position on her own though.

Taylor crawling at 10.5 months!  She'd been getting physio every month or 2 at this point and they would give us exercises to help her get stronger.  Her weakness was mostly in the legs so this was definitely a big milestone! 

The biggest milestone of all though was Taylor walking at just shy of 16 months old!  Not only did this mean more fun for her but no more pesty appointments with doctors and physiotherapists!  

Last but not least this is the smart, pretty, stubborn almost 2 year old she is today!

Looking back I can't believe how much she's changed in these last 2 years but I've enjoyed every minute of it and being able to capture and share these moments!  

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