Monday, May 30, 2011

30 Meals In One Day Review and Giveaway!!

We all have busy lives and don't always have time to cook dinner.  Or sometimes last minute things come up during the day that need our attention or maybe you just don't want to cook.  I'm 36 weeks pregnant with an 18 month old and really don't like having to cook EVERY day and I know when the baby comes making dinner is going to be even more challenging.  It would be nice to have a few meals ready to go in the freezer and it's cheaper than buying the frozen ones from the store.

30 Meals In One Day is a system that includes a recipe book complete with 150 freezer friendly recipes that can be bought with or without the software which I'll discuss later.  The book has step by step instructions on how 30 meals can be made and frozen all in one day!  The recipes are divided into sections depending on how they're  made; slow cooker, oven, stove top or assembled.  It's not necessary, of course, to make 30 meals as we don't all have the time or enough pots and slow cookers to do it all.  The book explains what equipment is needed, how to choose the right recipes for your family, how to prepare the day before cooking, what order things should be done on cooking day,how to package the meals for the freezer and of course instructions for thawing.

The software has all the recipes that are in the book but simplifies everything even further by including shopping lists.  You choose the recipes you want in your menu plan and a shopping list is made automatically then based on what's in your kitchen you can add or remove anything you want.  The list divides the products into categories making your shopping trip faster and easier.  The software also allows you to add your own recipes.

I decided to start with five recipes since it would be next to impossible for me to spend all day in the kitchen with my toddler running around.  I chose recipes that had similar ingredients so I'd be able to make large batches of whatever needed to be cooked.  I also made sure that since I only have one oven and one slow cooker that I'd only be making one recipe done each way and the other three were assemble recipes.  This would further streamline the process as I wouldn't be waiting for the oven or slow cooker.  The recipes I chose were porcupine meatballs, grandma's beef stew, chili beef and rice, beefy macaroni and almost ravioli.  I went shopping the day before and chopped up some of the veggies when I got home.  For grandma's beef stew I bought stewing beef that was already cut into cubes,

The morning of cooking day I tried to get everything together that I thought I would need before starting any cooking.  Then I measured everything for the beef stew, threw it in the slow cooker and turned it on.  That's one recipe done and 4 to go!  The meatballs were equally easy.  Just a matter of mixing everything together, shaping into balls and putting into the oven so I did that next.  For the last 3 recipes I cooked all the ground beef together.  Then I separated it as needed for each recipe and added what was called for.  The different pastas and rice were all of course cooked separately.  After that it was just a matter of assembling everything together into foil pans, covering it up and sticking it into the freezer when it was cooled!  So in a few hours I had made enough to probably last my family at least 10 meals which will help out greatly after the baby comes!  When we're ready to eat it's just a matter of pulling something out of the freezer and following the directions for heating it up.    I'll probably be using the cookbook a lot too just for making one meal at a time as many sound quick, easy and tasty.  It was all a very easy process even for someone like me who doesn't really like cooking.

More information and how to order can be found on the 30 Meals In One Day website.   If you enter the promotional code CAROUSEL upon ordering you'll get free shipping.  

All comments are my own and I was provided with the book and software for review purposes.  

One of my lucky readers will win the Dinner Is Ready book and software combo!  Just leave a comment letting me know what your favourite food is.  Contest ends on June 13th and is open to Canada and the US!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pregnant and Tired.......Definitely Tired of Being Pregnant!

I'll be 37 weeks pregnant on Wednesday which is considered full term!  My son wasn't born until 41.5 weeks and I know I can't take this for another 4 weeks.  With him it was so easy but this time I'm in pain and have been for the last few weeks but it just gets worse everyday.  I'm thankful that I'm off work now as sitting is the only relief I get.  I'm still trying to make these last few weeks as enjoyable for my son as possible before I turn his little world upside down which means trips to the park and trips to the zoo.  I can take the pain knowing it's no where near the pain I'll be in when labour starts.

I was reading about natural ways to induce labour and almost all of them appear to by myths.  I guess I'll sit back, put my feet up (when my toddler allows), have a cup of tea and enjoy these last few weeks and one on one time with my son as much as possible!

Chicken Soup For The Soul - Grieving and Recovery Winners!

The winners of the Chicken Soup for The Soul - Grieving and Recovery are Glogirl, Miranda Ward and Lucky 15001!  I did a redraw as one of the winners didn't get back to me within 72 hours.

Congratulations and enjoy the book!

Monday, May 16, 2011

BMO Eco Smart Blog Tour winner!!

Winner of the $50 Rona gift card was  Shairbearg, a new GFC follower.

Congratulations and thanks for entering!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chicken Soup For The Soul - Grieving and Recovery Review and Giveaway

Most people I'm sure have been through the loss of a loved one, is close to someone else that has or has even helped someone through the grieving process.  When we lose a loved one we all react differently to the loss.  Some may move through the process relatively quickly and others it may take a long time.

When my grandpa passed on it didn't take me long to get over his death.  I think that was because he had been sick for a while so I was able to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable.  I was just a little upset that he passed 2 short months before his great grandson was born.  At least I have pictures and wonderful memories of him that I can share with my son when he's older.

I was sent a copy of Chicken Soup For The Soul - Grieving and Recovery and though I haven't made it through the whole book yet I have read several stories.  Some bring tears to the eyes, especially those that involve the loss of an infant and others make you smile.  That's what's great about these books.  Each story is a quick read so it's easy to pick it up where you left off or not even read it in order if that's what you wish.  It's always nice to hear real stories from real people who have been through something similar as ourselves.

Three of my readers are going to receive a copy of this book.  For the main entry just comment on why you'd like this book.  Contest is open to Canada and the US and ends on May 19th.

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