Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pregnant and Tired.......Definitely Tired of Being Pregnant!

I'll be 37 weeks pregnant on Wednesday which is considered full term!  My son wasn't born until 41.5 weeks and I know I can't take this for another 4 weeks.  With him it was so easy but this time I'm in pain and have been for the last few weeks but it just gets worse everyday.  I'm thankful that I'm off work now as sitting is the only relief I get.  I'm still trying to make these last few weeks as enjoyable for my son as possible before I turn his little world upside down which means trips to the park and trips to the zoo.  I can take the pain knowing it's no where near the pain I'll be in when labour starts.

I was reading about natural ways to induce labour and almost all of them appear to by myths.  I guess I'll sit back, put my feet up (when my toddler allows), have a cup of tea and enjoy these last few weeks and one on one time with my son as much as possible!

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