Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Staying Cool When Summer Heats Up

These past few days have been really hot and one thing I've learned this summer is my son doesn't like the heat.  We had to buy him an A/C for his room during the last heat wave as it would take him 2hours+ to settle for the night.  I tried taking him for a walk on one of the hot days and he was crying after half an hour.  He's getting teeth too so hard to say what was the cause and he also seems to be showing the signs of separation anxiety.  He was ready to cry this morning when his dad left for work!

I'd like to know how people are coping with their little ones during the heat waves?  Apart from some essential shopping and a little trip to the mall to escape the heat, we really didn't stray too far from the A/C in our dining room.  Not much fun for a little boy I suppose but what else can I do when it gets too hot?


  1. Oh yes, we love that A/C! My little one is actually a July baby, so he has been very used to the heat from the get go. One thing we do is let the boys run around in diapers/underwear at home. I have found that the most comfortable thing for my little one to wear when we go out is a cotton jumper, so that's the only thing I buy for the summer months. No fancy clothes!

    We have been staying in a lot for the past couple of weeks because of the extreme heat, and then we go out after 6 p.m. to play etc. When we do go out we go to the parks, where there are splash areas, to the beach, or like this morning the waterpark.

    School is starting on Monday, and that means that my sons and I will be walking back and forth. My total mileage will be 8 miles per day, and my little one will be out in the heat....hopefully it will get better.

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    Going out after 6 is a great option but my baby is early to bed early to rise...... He's in bed by 6:30.