Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travelling With Baby In Tow

Travelling with my son now is a lot harder than it used to be a few short months ago. He eats 3 meals a day plus snacks and formula so I have to make sure I have enough of everything. He's crawling and pulling up so I need to make sure he's got somewhere safe to sleep and that where we're going is safe. He needs enough toys to be entertained and the list goes on and on. This past weekend we took a little trip to a relatives place that involved about 2.5 hours in the van and a 2 hour ferry ride. It can be tricky when you're trying to fit in naps and meals on the go. We were thankfully only gone for 2 nights as my sons schedule was badly interrupted. The room we slept in was hot at night and had no dark curtains. My son has an air conditioner at home and black curtains. He usually settles for bed around 6:30 but while we were gone he didn't settle until after 9 but of course he was still up at his usual time of 6am. You really have to drag around a LOT of stuff with a baby. Even though we had fun I'm glad to be home and back into a normal routine and I'm sure he is too. Any other tips out there to make travelling with baby easier??

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