Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A day late because I shopped today instead of monday!  For this week:

1.  Broccoli quinoa casserole - been on the plan for 3 weeks now but haven't had a chance to make it yet
2.  Thai Chicken Pasta - never had it yet
3.  Lemon Broccoli Chicken - haven't had this in a while but it's quick and easy and can't find the recipe!
4.  Baked Macaroni - a family favourite!!

If I weren't so lazy I'd have lunch plans here too but honestly we usually have leftovers most days or I eat soup and feed the kid a PB&J sandwich because he won't eat most soups.  As for breakfast I eat cereal everyday and my toddler has a choice from cereal, toast, oatmeal or waffles.  I don't have the time to make 3 sqaure meals a day and don't care to either!

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