Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diane Lai Product Review

Diana Lai for soft skin is a Canadian made skin care company that produces products for highly sensitive skin.   The company started because Diane's son as an infant had extreme eczema and she wanted to be able to use something on his skin that didn't have the preservatives, fragrances and other harsh chemicals often found in lotions.  Her products are great for babies, infants and toddlers and are recommended for all skin types.

I was lucky to be sent the Rejuvenate daily moisturiser, Soothe spot treatment and the Fresh daily body wash to try and well as samples to give away.  My family is lucky to not have extremely sensitive skin though we do have problems with dry skin, extreme in some areas.  My cheeks, especially in the winter, tend to get dry and flaky and feel like alligator skin.  My 5 month old daughter's legs are also quite dry to the point of cracking,  especially around the ankles and the Aveeno that worked for my son's skin wasn't working for her so far.  She also has cradle cap on the very top of her head.  I used the Soothe spot treatment on my cheeks and her legs, the body wash in the shower for the both of us and the daily moisturiser in other areas.  My cheeks feel softer after a few days and her legs were also a lot softer.  I also absolutely LOVE how the products smell especially the body wash.  It smells really fresh and gives you that fresh, clean feeling after using it.  My daughters cradle cap is not gone though it is getting noticeably better with using the body wash on her sensitive scalp.  My son and husband who seem to have been blessed with better skin are also using the products because it's just feels good knowing you're using gentle, all natural products on your skin and it has made their skin softer.

Diane Lai products can be purchased on her website.  I received free product from Diane Lai for soft skin for the purposes of this review.  All opinions on this blog are my own.

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