Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

I really suck lately about keeping this current.  Something must be done about that.  I've just found this summer to be so busy keeping the kids busy and enjoying the beautiful weather.  We've definitely had a wonderful summer.

So here goes:

1.  Chicken Express - I can find this recipe anywhere but it's basically a chicken stirfry with a soy sauce/vinegar/brown sugar and spices sauce served on rice (or in my case quinoa)
2,  Pasta in Creamy Cauliflower Sauce - I saw this recipe the other day and wanted to try it out but I still have to pickup some cauliflower that isn't half rotten in the store!
3.  Breakfast for dinner - a tradition since I have no time for big breakfasts in the morning so it'll be anything from french toast to pancakes, sausages or waffles.
4.  Chicken nuggets - these are saved for days I'm time crunched for dinner and it has to be in a hurry.  Served with veggies and a pasta side
5.  Quinoa and Black Bean Casserole - I found this when I saw the cauliflower sauce and it looks so good so we'll give it a try too!

1 comment:

  1. You should try Gardein crispy tenders, i believe they are called. Same taste, look and texture as chicken strips/nuggets. They are my family's favorite. I bet your family wouldn't even notice that they're not chicken. You can get them in the frozen section by the tofu and other alternative products at Superstore or probably any grocery store.