Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

It's a new year so here's to keeping up with my meal plans.  Can't make any promises though as life always gets in the way and now that I'm committed to working out and other stuff blogging my meal plans may fall down the list though I do meal plan for each and every week so it's really not much of an effort for me to post.

1.  Turkey Broccoli Divan - it doesn't say to but I served over rice and this finally used up what was left of the turkey
2.  Cashew Chicken - I cannot find a recipe
3.  Fish + veggies - Just using frozen breaded cod
4.  Pasta sauce - not following a recipe just throwing this together with meat, sauce and lots of veggies than serving mine over zoodles.  The kids will have pasta.
5.  Savory Sausage and Rice Skillet - yum!

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