Monday, April 4, 2011

10 weeks to go!!

Until I give birth give or take a week or two!  It's an exciting but scary thing because my son is only 17 months old.  I know what to expect for the whole birthing process and such but he's too young to understand what's happening right now so I'm not completely sure how to prepare him or how he's going to react.  I'm trying my best to have his new "big boy" room painted and prepared before the baby comes so he can get used to the idea.  I don't want to just kick him out of the crib right away so we have a bassinet the baby can sleep in for 2-3 months during which time I hope to get him used to a single bed.  Scares me to think that he won't even be 2 years old and he'll be able to get out of bed whenever he wants!  I plan on gating off the hallway and only giving him access to our room during the night.  Hopefully we won't be getting any late night visits too often!

I'm debating on getting another stroller.  He'll still be kind of young to be walking too far and right now he's in the habit of taking off so it's easier to contain him while shopping.  I haven't looked too much into double strollers but I know that I wouldn't want something huge!  I was thinking about the sit n' stand strollers.  These don't look overly big and would allow my son to stand or sit as he likes.  Now I understand how parents end up with 3-5 strollers.  We have 3 so this would be number 4.

Any advice for preparing a toddler for #2 or stroller recommendations??

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