Friday, April 15, 2011

Mommy Needs a Mental Break!!

I was surprised when my son went from 2 naps to 1 at 9 months old.  Most books say they usually do this at 18 months.  He was sleeping 11-12 hours a night though so his total sleep for the day was good so I didn't worry about it.  Now at almost 18 months I usually only get an hour out of him.  What can I do in an hour after having a shower??  Not much.  I get jealous reading about other children giving their parents 3 hours!!  I only wish.  I don't get that unless he's sick.

Today I'm getting no nap.  The routine is always the same, lunch, quiet activity, story then nap........or not.  He has in the past very very rarely missed his nap and I'd leave him in the crib for an hour for a little quiet time and mental break for me.  Well today that wasn't an option.  He's been sick for 11 days and still quite congested so when put down for his nap he began jumping in the crib (normal for him) which made him breathe faster and with the congestion it was hard for him to catch his breathe which led to coughing, then crying and hysterics so I couldn't leave him there!  I tried laying down with him (worked yesterday) but no luck so he's been running crazy all afternoon though not really bothering me too much so I guess that's almost like a break though I can't rest my eyes.

I'm hoping this is just because he's sick because when he's better I'll be trying my best to keep pushing a nap even if it means playing in the crib for an hour.  I can only imagine what'll happen when he goes into a big-boy bed in a few short months when the baby comes!  We'll see what tomorrow brings...........

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