Monday, August 15, 2011

Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator Review

Anyone knows that newborns can't blow their own nose.  A while ago when my son was a baby I was given the opportunity to try the Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator but at the time I wasn't blogging.  Now that I have another little one and she just had her first cold at the age of 6 weeks I was able to pull out my trusty aspirator and use it on her.  It's a long tube hooked up to a device with a filter inside and a soft tip that you place at the entrance of baby's nose.  Your mouth is placed at the end of the long tube and you use gentle suction to draw out any secretions from the baby's nose.  The filter protects you from anything going up the tube.  I love that you have total control over the suction and the device is clear so you can see that it's working.  It comes with extra filters so they can be changed with each use and the whole device is really easy to clean.  Babies sleep better, breathe better and eat better if their nose is clear.  It worked wonders on my daughter throughout her cold.  Consequently my 21 month old son was sick at the same time and I hadn't used the device on him in a long time when he started really resisting it but this time he thought it was kind of fun and I was able to clear his nose too!  Join the Dolphin's Club to receive instant rebates and the lasted information on nasal care.

I believe I received this through a Mom Central campaign some time ago to spread the word, which I did through other means but I didn't have an active blog at the time!  

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