Monday, August 1, 2011

Top Trainers 60 Day Challenge! Week 1 Day 1....

Now that I'm 6 weeks post partum I feel like it's time to start some sort of workout routine.  I needed something that I could do at home and that wouldn't get boring day after day.  I do better working out in a group situation but with hubby's work schedule and juggling a 21 month old and a 6 week old it's just not possible right now to do something out of the house.  I got a deal on the Top Trainers workout set so decided I'd give it a try.  It's basically 10 different DVDs with 10 different workouts from 10 different moms.  It comes with a calendar that runs for 60 days and tells you what workout to do on what day.  It's set up so I shouldn't get bored and there's a huge variety of workouts!

I'm using my blog to hold myself accountable for my workouts.  Today was day 1 and my starting weight is 162lbs.  I'm going to set small goals for myself the first being to get down to 150 (my ultimate goal is 135).  I'll just post a weekly weigh in and a summary of my progress as well as my thoughts on this workout system.  My first workout was thankfully just 27 min and consisted of Tracey Mallets quick cardio workouts which are divided into 6 min workouts making it easy if you can't do the whole workout in one shot.  I survived and am looking forward to what the week brings and if I see any results by next week! 

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