Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Hate Pacifiers!!

I think that pictures of cute babies with a huge pacifier hanging out of their mouth look stupid! It ruins the photo in my opinion!  When I saw this article on pacifiers I'd have to agree with everything she says.  And yes......I do have a few such photos of my son the first few weeks and I don't like them but luckily he didn't take to the pacifier so at 2 weeks old didn't use them anymore or even tried.  This is why at 7 weeks old I stopped using them with my daughter.  It was clearly becoming a habit (waking every hour at night to pop it back in) and I'm not having any of that!  So she's sleeping longer stretches now just 2 days later and if she feels the need to suck she has her fist.  It's attached so she can't lose it at 4am!!

I saw a 3 year old the other day with a huge pink pacifier hanging out of her mouth.  I know the first few weeks are about survival (and that's why my daughter naps in her carseat at times!) but a 3 year old (or even any child over 6 months, in my opinion) does NOT need a pacifier, soother or binky.....whatever you want to call it.  There's a problem for sure if your child has to take it out of their mouth to talk to you!  Agree with me or not, this is just my opinion.  This is coming from someone who sucked their thumb until they were 5!

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