Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

Late again I know but kids are sick again!  I have been checking out blogs that have posted their 2011 favourite recipes.  Blogs are great for food ideas as many are run my moms with kids so they usually have limited time in the kitchen and the recipes are kiddie friendly.

1.  Easy mac n cheese - all done in one pot, good, quick and very easy to make
2. Zucchini pizza casserole - good, easy and the toddler loved it
3. Turkey dinner - we haven't had ours yet
4. Asian Quinoa Chicken stir fry- we have quinoa to use
5. Leftovers, appetizers, any other junk - we have to get all the Christmas junk out of the house so we can eat better again

My goals for this year are to make our favourite meals healthier by bumping up the veggie content.  My daughter won't eat off a spoon so I have lots of baby purees to use up now so I figure I can add them to any sauce.  

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