Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update on Taylor....

There's an 8 month waiting list for the Infant Development Program in BC so we were able to spend an hour with them the other day which was great and in her opinion (they're not doctors, just specialists in infant development) she thinks Taylor will catch up and be just fine as she gets older as she's pretty much doing everything she should be at this age.  That being said she also can't make any guarantees so we chose to put Taylor on the waiting list anyway as it's easier to take her off than wait if she does need help when it comes to gross motor skills just as crawling and walking as that seems to be where she would have problems.  Being on the list gives us access to their bi-weekly playgroup now which is great as I can get ideas on what I can do with her to help build strength.  She can sit for quite a while now before falling over and she's jumping in the jolly jumper now though her little head bobbles all over the place when she does so we're doing lots of tummy time to help with neck and arm strength.  

We've done all the tests that the paediatrician wanted us to do so now we're waiting for her office to call and book us a follow up appointment for the results.  Our family doctor had some of the results of her blood/urine tests and she said that something was elevated but even she didn't really know what that meant.  So in the meantime we'll wait and go to the playgroup and meet other moms and babies!


  1. I am a new follower so when I saw this post I went back and read the older one on your daughter. Thanks again for sharing. It may take time but answers will come. Again, praying for you.

  2. Awwwe, thanks! The waiting can be hard!