Thursday, March 8, 2012

Down 6 lbs!!!

I put on a lot of weight my first pregnancy, 60lbs total.  Then after 10 months of breastfeeding I didn't lose a thing!  I was down the 30lbs I lost basically the first few weeks after giving birth.  Few weeks later when my son is nearing 11 months old I'm pregnant again!  Thankfully I only gained 22lbs this time and lost 27lbs the week after she was born.  So fast forward almost 2.5 years after my son's birth I've been struggling with that weight gain for a long time!  I've lost weight in the past but this so called "baby weight" is really stubborn.

Six weeks ago I decided enough is enough so I eat pretty much no junk, a good breakfast, really good lunch, snack on fruits then whatever I make the family for dinner is what I eat too but it's usually fairly healthy.  And I've given up some of my "free" time after the kids have gone to bed to workout 4 evenings a week, a very difficult task with such very little time to myself but it's a priority in my life right now.

After 6 weeks there was very little change in the scale though I could feel myself getting stronger so I wasn't letting it drag me down then today I'm down 6 lbs total!  That's great motivation to keep up the good work and take care of myself as well as my kids!

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