Friday, May 11, 2012

20 Days.....

In 20 days I leave my wonderful job of being home with my babies and go back to my part-time out of the house job a little bit sadder than when I had to do this the first time around.  For some reason I find it harder to leave 2 babies at home rather than 1.  I think part of it is being a little more overproctective with my daughter than my son at this age.  When it was just him there was no one else around to take toys away from him and knock him over.  He's pretty good with her so I really shouldn't worry but she's also a lot smaller than he was at this age and "more breakable" in my opinion and he has knocked her over and hit her a few times.  Having siblings myself though I know it's going to happen and I can't protect her forever.

Lucky for me my kids don't have to go to daycare.  They'll spend their mornings home with dad while I go to work then when I come home he'll head off to work.  We have a great arrangement actually with both of us having to work to support the family.  I can't complain....  A lot of my friends have it worse having to work full-time and feeling like they barely see their children apart from a couple hours at the end of the day which is often filled with making dinner then an early bedtime and weekends which are filled with grocery shopping and other errands.  I have more time to get everything done during the week and hubby is more than willing to do the grocery shopping with kids in tow as long as I have a list.  So, I am really lucky!

Still not looking forward to getting up at 5:30 for work though but who does!

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