Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making baby food.

I make most of my own baby food though I do buy a few jars for convenience and travelling. Or even if it's something I decided is too tedious to make myself. I look online for inspiration and recipes and my favorite site for that is Well tonight for my son's dinner I made some pancakes that I found on another website that had broccoli and carrots in them (I know, yuck!) and they weren't very good. He ate some (he'll try anything) but made faces before throwing it across the dining room. I ended up giving him some of the chili chicken I made for dinner thinking it might be a little spicy but he LOVED it! He also likes fruits that can be a little tart (ie. mangoes and sometimes nectarines). His little face squishes up but he opens enthusiastically for more! He's such a joy too feed and I love trying new foods with him!

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