Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year and Maltesers

I've always been a little bit fascinated with the whole Chinese New Year and Chinese calendar and reading about how the year you were born (on Chinese calendar) is assigned an animal and what that might mean for personality traits.  I don't believe everything I read but it's interesting.  I also used the Chinese calendar to correctly predict the gender of both my children.  My first is a boy and the second I'm still pregnant with and not revealing the gender here but I"ll say the Chinese calendar is correct!

This year the Chinese New Year begins on Feb 3rd and runs for 15 days with different things to be done on each day.  See here for more information.  Maltesers has become an important brand in association with this holiday.  Some say it's because the malted milk centre of the chocolate is enjoyed in Chinese culture and others say it's the bright red packaging.  Red means fortune and joy in the Chinese culture.

Maltesers have been produced since 1936 and are a delight for all ages.  I was sent some to try and they only lasted for 2 days!  Even the 1 year old loved them.  They're sweet, chocolatey and melt in your mouth delicious!  Maltesers are available in 37g, 100g and 165g packages at most major retailers across Canada including grocery stores and convenience stores.  Buy some to share with your friends and family to celebrate Chinese New Year!

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