Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan!

1.  Minestrone Casserole - there will be a separate post soon about this dish.
2.  Morrocan Stew - there's many variations but I can't find the one I'll be using as it's from a cookbook.
3.  Creamy Chicken Soup - from a cookbook and can't find it online
4.  Turkey Sausage Pasta -  I love sausage and pasta!
5.  Chicken Divan - I have made variations of this but this one has been lightened.
6.  Spinach Lasagna Rolls - a favorite in this house!

So again I've been trying lots of new recipes with the family as I work my way through old cookbooks copying good recipes then getting rid of them.  Stay tuned for more exciting posts featuring food and new recipes in addition to my weekly meal plan for the next year!

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